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Waiting for Harper Lee

Terry Baker says:

This is an excellent, well written debut book. Had I not known this was Lea Daley's first book, I would never have guessed. Her writing style is unique. She shows, rather than tells the story.

There is a wealth of colorful and wonderful characters all fully formed and essential in progressing the story forward and on to its climatic conclusion.

The story is actually quite a well used and tested formula. A married woman with two children, straight to all intents and purposes and an out lesbian fall in love. There begins all the trials and tribulations of will they, won't they, be able to make the relationship work. But, this is where the tried and tested formula stops. Lea Daley has woven their story beautifully together and there are a lot of ups and downs and heartfelt scenarios to take the reader on a rollercoaster ride. I hated the character Charles, but he is so well written and he added a great deal of emotion and excitement to the book, albeit in the form of despising him to the point of wanting to hit him. To evoke such emotion in a reader tells me that this author is extremely talented.

I'm looking forward to Lea Daley's next book. Will she be able to top this one? I can't wait to find out.

R. Lynne says:

Waiting for Harper Lee is told in the first person by potter Lynn Westfall. Lynn has moved to Quillan's Crossing, a small town in Missouri, after being dumped by her lover in St. Louis, Missouri. Quillan's Crossing is stuck in the sixties, but it allows accomplished artist, Lynn, to set up a studio and to build her own kiln. Eager to meet other women, Lynn starts a group called the Abbies. There she meets Alix Dunnevan, who is married to a powerhouse of a politician, and who has two children. Lynn and Alix become friends. From there, the novel becomes a classic story of an out lesbian and a married woman with children, falling in love with each other. What makes this novel so exceptional, is Lea Daley's ability to paint with words. She writes beautifully. She also gives readers two women who are interesting, and talented. Lynn's friends are also richly talented, making Waiting for Harper Lee a treat for anyone who is interested in art or music.

Charles Dunnevan, Alix's husband, is a manipulative bully, that I loved to hate! He, too, is well developed, and it's easy to see why he's so successful. Alix's fight for freedom, and for custody of her two girls, is well fought with strength on both sides. But, this novel, edited by Katherine V. Forrest, had me really caring about which side won!


Katherine V. Forrest says:

The brilliant FutureDyke is on my list of most recommended.

Terry Baker says:

This is the second book I've read by Lea Daley. Her first book was excellent, very well written and I was looking forward to reading more from her. She has absolutely excelled herself with FutureDyke. Not only is this book well written and edited, it is a page turner right the way through. Lea has shown that she is capable of writing in varied genres. This book is science fiction at its very best.

Lea has created a whole new world, a world set in the future with a new language and new technology. It is interesting to see this world of Jashari through the eyes of an earthling as Leslie learns to cope four thousand years in the future from her own past. The plot is tight and fast paced. Full of twists and turns. Just when I thought things were levelling out, the plot would veer off in a totally different direction. A real roller-coaster ride. Jashari and its people are so well described, I managed to immerse myself totally in the story and live alongside Leslie and Aimèe.

These characters are all fully developed and multidimensional, each one playing an important role in the progression of the story. Nothing is left unexplained or left as loose ends and the world of Jashari is described and shown extremely well.

There are many heart-stopping moments, but there is fun and laughter too. Whether you like Sci/fi or not, this story is outstanding. I've added it to my re-read pile for a second, leisurely read.

R. Lynne says:

FutureDyke opens with Leslie Burke awakening from cryosleep. She had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and had chosen sleep over a certain death. When she awakens, she is shocked to find that four thousand years had passed! Daley has done a wonderful job of creating a world four thousand years into the future. She has peopled the new world of Jashari with native Jashrans and 'returnees', people from the planet Earth who chose cryosleep as a way to escape their incurable medical problems. As Leslie tries to fit into this new world, learn its language, and mores, she discovers that this world also has intrigue, danger, and greed.

Daley has written a gripping novel which left me in awe of not just her skill at character building, but in world building, along with a plot which definitely kept me turning the pages. FutureDyke is an excellent story full of wonderful twists, turns, love scenes and wonderful word 'visuals' to help readers better see Jashari.